No furniture components or fabrics were harmed in the creation of this web site. All trees otherwise destroyed to create catalogues were placed in the Woodness Protection Program by the United States Forestry Service.

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All of our work has been Y2K Compliant since February 29, 1969, We have tested all of our refinishing processes by changing all the calendars in a "Test" Home to January 1, 2000 , and then bringing all the furniture into this "Test" Home. We also placed 1 calendar in front of the 10 foot sectional sofa and it did not kick, scream, yell, fail to boot up properly, or leave under it's own power. We also tried the same test by changing the time on our Sun Dial to 11:59 PM, December 31, 1999, and got the same results as the date changed to January 1, 2000.
We therefore feel so confident that your furniture will not kick, scream, yell, leave under it's own power, or fail to boot up properly on January 1, 2000, that we can offer you this twice your money back guarantee.
If your furniture kicks, screams, yells at you, leaves under it's own power, or fails to boot up properly on the 1st of January, 2000 ,We will double your money back!

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